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Specially curated solutions that enable and nourish our organs.

Organ Health

Specially curated solutions that enable and nourish our organs.

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OneMitr Health collective aims to address the healthcare challenges faced by individuals, particularly corporate employees, due to factors such as stress, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and unhealthy diet habits. With a focus on enhancing overall well-being, especially in the context of modern lifestyles, OneMitr Health Collective is committed to providing simple health solutions. As part of our initiative for World Health Day 2024, we offer top-quality products at competitive discounts. For further information, please contact your Mitr at +91 86574 70630

OneMitr Preventive card by CancerMitr, empowers individuals to take control of their health and well-being amidst busy work schedules. This comprehensive card offers personalized support, unbeatable discounts, and a holistic approach to preventive care, including:
– Comprehensive coverage across various services and treatments.
– Exclusive discounts of up to 40% on medicines, screening tests, and a range of services.
– Access to a dedicated health buddy for informative assistance.
– Holistic approach to address healthcare gaps and concerns.
– Emphasis on fitness and well-being to nurture both body and mind.
– Collaboration with a trusted network of top healthcare experts.

OneMitr accepts digital forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and UPI transactions. Please note that cash on delivery (COD) option is not available at present.

Yes, OneMitr holds FSSAI license no: – 11523998001820,  ensuring compliance with food safety standards.

Are you or your loved one struggling with chronic health?

OneMitr is a community-led health initiative by CancerMitr to bring hope, health and happy solutions at home.

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